We do not cheat anybody here is the proof.

1. Since from 30 days we are receiving many complain regarding Massage service, the reason to this is because Brightspa took massage parlor in lease for 1 MONTH to 3 MONTH which was running by local agencies but now we do not have any link to any of the agencies in Hyderabad because of the wrong behavior towards customers.

2. So in order to maintain the stability between us and customers we have started an Independent service in most of the areas of Hyderabad. Where we will only provide High Profile Massage with happy ending and full service. You can see the price details in RATE LIST

3. There are a list of 18 customers who were cheated by local agencies. So in order to again maintain the link up we are giving 10% discount to each and every customers. Which will include Happy Ending massage with full service in Madhapur.

Female to Male Nuru spa near me

Brighte Spa is a “Female to Male Nuru spa near me” with many skilled masseuses that will help you reach a level of eroticism you have rarely reached. Our female masseuses are from different parts of Hyderabad, and each girl brings their unique style of erotic Nuru massage. So, each time you visit our spa, you will experience a new level of sexually tension.


Make an appointment with the best therapist as soon as possible. Contact us at our phone number or come to our spa in person to book your appointment with the best therapist to fulfill your desires and pleasures.

What is Nuru and Erotic Massage?

Nuru Massage is a Japanese technique. During this massage, our female masseuses will use full body contact to relax your body and mind. This will stimulate both body and mind to an extraordinary level of eroticism.

You would require to be semi-nude for the massage for the wholesome experience. We would be using an ultra-slippery massage gel derived from Nori seaweed, which is tasteless, odourless, colourless, edible and does not stain.

After a session of Nuru and Erotic Massage at Brighte Spa, you will unlock any inhibitors stopping from sexual gratification. Your mind and body will be freed, allowing you to achieve physical pleasure.

Techniques involved in Nuru and Erotic Massage:

There is a lot of Massage spa in Madhapur, Hyderabad, but few focus on your pure erotic pleasure. We have trained our female masseuse to use many massage techniques. This enhances and achieves sensual arousal creating a pleasurable surrender and the ultimate relaxation atmosphere. You will escape from the stress of your daily life and fall into ultimate sensational pleasure. This will be an erotic relaxing experience and a heightened awareness of your sensuality.

At Brighte Spa, you will experience heaven on earth. A touch in the right place at the right time, a normal stroke, and the real pleasures that you get from your erotic massage. You can’t believe how lucky you are when our Masseuse is working her skilled hands and body on you as you experience a sensual erotic massage.

What are the benefits of our Nuru and Erotic Massage?

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